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Highlight On: Up and coming Bridal Designer Prea James Bridal

Hair & Makeup Prea James Bridal

[ Hair & Makeup by Lu Lu Makeup]

There's a new bridal gown designer in our sleepy town of Wollongong and you're going to want to put her on your short list.

Who is she you ask? Why she is the very talented Prea James from Prea James Bridal. You may have heard of her and you may have not, but what you should know is that she makes incredible bridal gowns.

I was fortunate enough to work on her latest editorial shoot with the founder of bridal style power house Love Find Co., and the talented photography team from Willow & Co. I did the hair and makeup for the shoot on gorgeous Emma Nielsen from Vivien's Model Management.

I sat down with Prea to chat about her latest bridal collection:

Makeup by Lu Lu Makeup - Prea James Bridal

[ Hair & Makeup by Lu Lu Makeup]

1. Your new collection in stunning what inspired you when creating your latest bridal gown collection?

My main inspiration for this collection was more of a mood, which was created by one of my favourite songs 'Fade Into You' which is the name of this first Made to Order collection. It has a sort of dark romantic feel to it... then I design gowns partly on paper through just sketching and partly by draping fabrics on the dummy.

2. You feature long sleeves in your latest collection, is there a reason why you're loving long sleeve wedding dresses right now?

No particular reason, I just love them! I always find a sleeve very flattering and feel it adds an element of sophistication.

Hair Makeup Prea James Wedding Dress

[ Hair & Makeup by Lu Lu Makeup]

3. How many collections do you do a year?

Only 1 a year and at times I may inject a dress or two if I feel something is missing... maybe another dress without sleeves could come up.

4. What's your prediction for wedding dresses in 2017?

Well looking at the trends from the Paris Spring Couture shows I would say bigger is better, but for me I'm hoping more streamlined modern, silhouettes will keep coming through... Up until around the 80's wedding dresses were based on the fashions of that time, which I like the idea, keeps things interesting.

Prea James Bridal Makeup Artist Lu Lu Makeup

[ Hair & Makeup by Lu Lu Makeup]

5. How did you start your own bridal fashion label?

I started because I actually had a lot of friends getting married who were asking me to make their dresses. I have always imagined myself having my own business and as I was getting requests it just sort of started sooner rather then later. I have been doing Couture gowns for Sydney brides, but have always wanted to have a made to order range, which is where I am at now.

6. Where can brides find your bridal gowns?

The made to order collection Vow by Prea James is available at The Bridal Atelier in both the Sydney and Melbourne boutiques and also online via my website.

Hair & Makeup by Lu Lu Makeup Artist

[ Hair & Makeup by Lu Lu Makeup]

Lu Lu Makeup x


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