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Mummy Makeover - Alyce

It's hard to improve on perfection but I gave it a red hot go!

This is gorgeous Alyce, mum to two year old Parker and small business owner running her own successful photography business called Pure Breeze Pixels.

I was so excited to do Alyce's makeup, she has such a gorgeous bone structure and jaw line that was just so lovely to work with. I was also excited to test out my new eyeshadow palette by Violet Vloss, the new Holy Grail collection of shadows.

Now because Alyce already has a strong jaw line and high cheekbones, I didn't have to do too much contouring, practically none in fact. I just gave her a healthy glow of bronzer in the shape of a '3' around each side of her face and left it at that.

Wollongong Makeup Artist Mummy Makeover

The colours I focused on using out of the Violet Voss palette where Bestie as a transition shade, Cool Beans as the top lid highlight and I mixed Brownie Points and Wine & Dine to create a burgandy feel to the eyes. I found that the shade Wine & Dine was too warm (and very pink), so I mixed it with the deeper brown to get it to that cranberry colour.

Wollongong Makeup Artist Violet Voss

I also used the new Morrocan Oil Dry Texture Spray to give her hair a bit of body and texture. It's basically a better version of a dry shampoo with no product building up in your hair. It's excellent I find for fine hair as the mist of the product is so light weight.

Makeup Artist Products I used

Wollongong Makeup Artist Photographer

Lu Lu Makeup Blog Post

If you'd like to be considered for a Mummy Makeover (they're completely free), then email me at using the subject line, Mummy Makeover.

Lu Lu Makeup Artist


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