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Brow School

brows by lu lu makeup artist berry

Eye brows are such a personal thing.

I find when I'm working with a client I always like to know what they do to their brows before I get to work - some ladies like them thick, some ladies like them thin, dark, light, un-groomed, brushed up and untouched. It's no wonder that they're so personal because there can be so much variation of how you style them. One thing is for sure....

Brows help to define your eyes and face and hold the look of your makeup. They are so important!

So how do you know what to do with your brows? And how can you maintain them yourself? I thought I'd put together a little Brow School 101 to get your brows on point and how to be your own brow master.

Step one: Know thy brow shape

For those who grew up in the 90's brow trends have been unkind to us and sadly for some, our brows will never recover. Those thin brows where a trend but like high waisted jeans, they've never come back in fashion. Why? For one, thin brows give the face the appearance of puffy eyelids and so many other reason - too many to list!

If you've suffered from the 90's thin brow trend then don't be in despair - skip to Step Two.

For those fortunate enough to have a natural brow shape then, get to know your shape, as there are many out there. Here are just a few of the most common shapes...

perfect brows lu lu makeup artist bowral

Step two: What is your desired shape?

Like our boobs or our bums, sometimes we don't get the desired size or shape we'd like, but unlike our boobs or derriere, we can influence the look and shape of our brows with the right tools.

Let me digress...

I have straight brows and evny the beautiful fullness and shape of an arched brow, but alas it wasn't meant to be for me, so I create a more fuller brow and the illusion of an arch by mapping out my desired shape and filling in my brow from both the top and bottom.


For someone with rounded brows, you might want more of a straighter more natural shape so filling in your brow from the bottom and thickening the front section will give off the illusion of a more straighter fuller brow.

Perfect Brows - Makeup by Lu Lu Makeup

Step three: How can I create the best brow shape for my face?

Brows are so personal so that's a hard question to answer, but my advice is to always aim for a natural shape. Rae Morris explains this so well.

If you look at the picture you can see that the thinner looking brows make the models eye area look puffy above the eye, there's too much space between the brows and top of the lid, and the shape is not that natural.

The second photo shows a more natural shape the brow starts at the inner corner of the eye, the peak arch is aligned up with the outer iris and the tail lines up with the outer corner of the eye and down to the side of the nose.

Rae Morris Eye Brows Lu Lu Makeup Artist

Here's another eyebrow picture to show you what I'm jabbering on about....this is what you want to aim for.

Eyebrow shaping lu lu makeup artist

Step four: tips and tricks for creating amazing brows

There are so many tips and tricks for brows but it's about being comfortable with your level of skill and above all mean - HAVE FUN! Makeup is there to enhance our natural beauty, not be the main event, so practice and you'll get there in the end.


1. make sure you are using a brow colour that suits your complexion, too dark a brow can draw all the attention to your brows and too like to your hair colour will do nothing to define your eyes.

2. experience with difference brow products, a powder might work for you but sometimes a pencil has more staying power and an can imitate the fine strokes of a brow hair to make them look more natural. I've seen caterpillars on young girls faces and it just too much! Makeup is a compliment not the diva in the room.

3. if you have untamed wire like brows then invest in a brow gel. Another cheaper alternative is using an old makeup wand (washing it clean of course) and spray hairspary on it to set the hairs in place.

4. find a good brow specialist who know what you want. Brows take a long time to grow back - if ever! (thank you the 80s) so really research a good brow artist and explain what you want. Don't be shy if you are unhappy with the result - give he or she the feedback and work on building a good relationship to the perfect brow for you.

5. if you have light brows, invest in getting them tinted but again, do your research and find a good brow artist that can do this for you.

6. microblading brows - my thoughts are still out on this. You really need to find a good brow artist (i'm talking excellent) as it's a big investment. Also microblading blonde brows can be an issue because the tattoo ink tends to turn bluish over time, so my personal feeling is it suited to ladies with darker brows.

I could go on forever, but shall stop here. However! If you have any questions about brows or any other makeup questions please contact me via this post, on the socials or on email. I'll always be happy to answer your questions.

Step five: Perfecting your brows

Three words - practice, practice, practice

Oh and don't be afraid to try new products.

I'll be doing more blog post on makeup topics so if there is something you'd like some schooling (I mean that in the nicest way), don't hesitate to ask.


Lu Lu Makeup Artist

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