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Wedding Clutch Essentials

Berry Wedding Clutch

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Weddings are a long day and as much as we makeup artists prep and prime the skin so your makeup will stay put all day, your makeup won't look as flawless at 12pm on the dance floor as to when then it was first applied.

That's why it's important to pack a few essentials in your wedding clutch for touch ups...if needed..

1. Pressed Powder

Now during the day it is inevitable that we'll sweat, this could be to nerves, weather or just because you're getting married! A naturally oily complexion will always be prone to makeup slipping as well.

If you can, I suggest taking a small travel size brush to take with you to apply some pressed powder so you're literally just taking away the shine from the T-zone, not trying mattify your face too much, so the makeup doesn't start to look flat and cakey.

Just a light dust down the T-zone will take away that shine. I also suggest dusting under your eyes as well to reduce the risk of mascara transferring under the eye.

A good travel sized brush - Real Techniques Brush Crush 306 Kabuki

2. Blotting Paper

This is especially good for hot days and people with oily skin, it will immediately absorb the excess oil and allow your presssed powder to go on smoothly rather than patchy or cakey.

You can find blotting paper at Mecca Maxima or Priceline

3. Concealer

This is necessary if you have a problem of mascara transferring underneath the eye, creating that panda eyes look. Just apply a small amount under the eye with your finger then go over your under eye with your pressed powder, carefully dusting it on with your travel sized powder brush.

It's also good to apply some if you have oily skin and your foundation is starting to slip off the nose or the chin.

4. Lipstick

You'll be surprised how many brides forget about having to touch up their lipstick. You can either buy your shade that you're wanting to wear or, for me, as a makeup artist I always have Shanghai Suzy lipsticks to sell either at your bridal trial or on your wedding day. Touch ups are necessary after eating and before your photo, so it's an essential in the bridal clutch.

5. Tissues

Weddings are emotional and you may not think you'll cry but you just never know. It's always better to be safe than sorry to have a tissue near by, either in your wedding clutch or stuffed in your dress somewhere. You don't want to ruin that gorgeous makeup!

Use the tissue to blot under your eyes and try not to let the tears streak down your face as that will be noticeable and harder to correct.

6. Hand Mirror

Lastly, a mirror is always handy for doing your touch ups on the run, especially as it's a day that you don't get to sit down much. A little hand mirror is great for when you're out and about getting your wedding photos done or for a quick check after you've eaten.

Kangaroo Valley Wedding - Lu Lu Makeup

Image: Folk & Follow

Can you think of any other wedding clutch essentials you've added on your wedding day? I'd love to hear what they were!


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