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The treatment that has saved my lips this Winter

The perks of having dry skin is that breakouts are few and far between but the down side to having dry skin is surviving the Winter (Winter is coming)! During this season my lips crack, my hair drys out, my legs look like one of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons and even my knuckles bleed with dry cracked skin. It's a constant battle to keep my skin nourished and hydrated.

One pet hate is always having dry lips, even in Summer I struggle with dry flaky lips and I know all my dry skin sisters out there can totally relate to what I'm feel me?

Now Winter in Wollongong isn't as bad as some areas like Bowral and the Southern Highlands but my skin still struggles with the cooler weather, so I wanted to talk to you about a new lip treatment that I've been trialing by Dermalogica.

Lu Lu Makeup Dermalogica Lip Treatment

I'm a big fan of Dermalogica but to this day I haven't found anything to battle dry lips, until now. Their new product is called Nightly Lip Treatment - it has a beautiful consistency along with targeted ingredients that gives you that ultra moisture boost whilst you sleep.

I've been trialing it for about three months now, which I feel like is a damn good time for a road test and I have definitely seen an improvement in the dry flakiness of my lips which is such a nice relief.

How does it work?

  • It's a rich overnight formula that helps to firm and hydrate the skin on and around your lips

What makes it so amazing?

  • It uses Indian Gentian Extract, advanced Voluminizing Technology and Sesame Seed Extract to help restore skin volume and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines

  • It also is enriched with Shea Butter to restore the hydration barrier

Why I love it?

  • Because this formula is specifically designed to improve hydration, skin elasticity and help with the appearance of fine lines around the lips. Just like with all their products, there has been research and considerable time spent to specifically formulate this product, and that research has delivered results for me, and I'm sure many others who are using it. It's not just another hydrating lip balm I'm putting on my lips at night. It's targeted and it works.

Final thoughts are, if you have the same issue of dry lips, then do some research and see if this product is for you. It's at the higher end of the price scale, retailing at $75 but it's more than just a hydration treatment or a lip balm, its formula is a fabulous multi-tasker that does more than one thing, so think of all the other benefits it comes with in your decision making.

For me this product is a 9/10.

Which lip products work for you to hydrate your lips?

Lu Lu Makeup Artist xox

Wollogong, Bowral, Berry, South Coast, Southern Highlands


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